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The Need

It’s a fact… 7 out of every 10 callers are placed on-hold, that’s 70% of callers! Our affordable, customized Information & Music OnHold will allow your business to speak to your captive On-Hold audience. Our system is guaranteed to help your company retain callers, present a professional image, and generate more sales revenue. The average hold-time is 45 seconds.

It’s also a fact that “Silence hurts”! –  50% of callers who hear silence on-hold will hang up. Even more frightening, half of those callers won’t call back. 

The radio or a music CD are both illegal and unproductive for your business. A radio is not a controlled environment and can even broadcast advertisements for your competitors or static.

The Solution

Impressive customized Information & Music On-Hold programs that get results!
Our experienced team of On-Hold professionals will research your company and create an effective On-Hold script, based on your specific marketing goals. Looking to make a great first impression?  TC Productions “Information On-Hold” is the first place to start.  Inform and educate your callers from your newest products, services or promotions to providing informative news about your industry. 

Don’t let your callers wait… use your On-Hold time to educate!  It works. 

Our Difference

Not all on-hold companies are created equally! Hundreds of business owners have trusted us for their on-hold marketing. Heard by more than 300 million callers each year.  TC Productions is a worldwide Company OnHold Communications provider.   Call or email to learn more about our experience, our company and our flexible on-hold solutions program. 1-888-460-0926.

Our company strives to provide each of our Clients with helpful service, outstanding quality on-hold audio and tremendous value. Since 1987, we’ve earned a solid reputation of being the most cost-effective and value-driven on-hold Solution Company in our industry.

TC Productions is a proud Member of The On Hold Message Association