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Program Steps


PHONE:  888-460-0926 | FAX:  636-458-9213

TC Productions will ask for information about your company.   We request any information that will help us to learn more about your business.  To promote different products, any manufactures websites will be helpful.

TC Productions will write each script based on the information we receive from your company.  After each rough draft is completed we will email the script for your final approval.  At that time you would make any changes or additions and email back.  This final “approved” copy is the script, which we will record, edit and produce for your on-hold system. 

Special note:  Please put TC Productions on your customer mailing or email list. Remember that if you should ever have any specials or promotions, please send us a copy, as we will incorporate new information into your on-hold messages, per your request.

After developing a production schedule for the year, TC Productions will call, fax or email reminders throughout the year.  The staff at TC Productions will help create new ideas and do whatever is necessary to make certain your on-hold time is a productive time for both your company and your caller’s on-hold. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your OnHold communication needs!


TC Productions The OnHold Leader Since 1987!